Human Creature Dance Theatre

Human Creature is an experimental dance theatre company based in San Francisco, California. Exploring the vast possibilities of movement and expression through any means necessary, Human Creature incorporates an eclectic blend of disparate dance styles in conjunction with counterbalance, partnering, and contemporary modern dance techniques. The intention of the work is to stimulate and heighten the viewers' senses, opening the doors of perception by deconstructing the human condition, and exploring creative possibilities through dance, theatre, music, multimedia, and concepts of philosophy and psychology.


 The human creature is the creature that exists through imagining and symbolizing rather than through a direct confrontation with reality. Moreover, it is this very lack of confronting the real that can be perceived as defining the human. We exist through a semblance of reality and rarely if ever through a direct confrontation of reality. To be the animal who is caught up in his own image is an unnatural state of being, a state of being only known to humans. "A shadow grappling with images, a somnambulist who sees himself walking, who contemplates his movements with out discerning either their direction or their cause." -E.M. Cioran. It is in this recognition and experience of self-reflection that we have become human, the creature who is here, but nonetheless distracted by the virtual image of how we see ourselves reflected by those around us. It is through this indirectness that we confront the world, that we have separated ourselves from the purity of vegetative existence.
...and if you long into an abyss gaze, gazes the abyss also into you. -Friedrich Nietzsche